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Letter to the Editor

While some journalists are crying the blues about layoffs, lack of respect for what they do, etc., or are hating Gatehouse/Gannett on Facebook, you guys are putting out a beautifully designed, well-written local paper, with an excellent web and social media presence.

Your advertisers will appreciate the growing number of local eyeballs attracted to your news coverage. Your web metrics and Facebook ad metrics will prove it to them, and so will the print edition.  Lots of synergy.

Admittedly you have strong competition from the Bargain Hunter and the Shopper, but your little corner of Wayne County (and that part of Stark County just east of Deerfield Drive that feels like Wayne) needs what you’re doing.
I live near Jackson High School but we shop in Kidron and found you at the T&C.
All politics is local, and the most important news is local.
And, despite the Amazon effect, most shopping is local.
I buy sweaters from L.L. Bean, but the apple pie in my refrigerator came from Shady View Pantry on Zuercher Rd.
And our cranberry relish on Thanksgiving came from T&C.
That article from the coach about the character of the kids on his Dalton teams was powerful.
The story about the Kidron Fire Department planning for a new building gets to the heart of what makes Kidron special.
I don’t read the Repository to get advice from their local columnists about what’s good or bad in Washington, after all. I want to know what’s going on in Stark County.
If Jim Hillibish happens to read your online edition from heaven, he will applaud what you’re doing.
Best wishes!
Chuck Bennell

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