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DALTON GARDEN CLUB’s ‘Merry’ December update


Diana Caillet, of Dalton, won the Gift Card Tree at the raffle basket table during the Dalton Holidays Festival weekend.


Submitted by Davida Hamsher, secretary

The holiday season includes much busyness for the Dalton Garden Club. During the November meeting

at the Dalton Library, Carolyn Husted presented the program of instructing those in attendance on how

to make a wire art ornament in the shape of a cursive “Joy”. Though some ladies got a little wired over

the weaving, the result was a lovely window ornament to hang. Linda Sword gave some conservation

tips involving saving squash seeds, drying them and using them to feed the birds this winter. In addition,

place a pumpkin at the base of a bird feeder, put a hole in it. Squirrels will enjoy the flesh, while birds

will peck at the seeds.

Most recently, the club made final preparations for its part in the Dalton Holiday Festival weekend. The

last few years, the club has helped the festival committee by “wo-manning” its raffle basket table.

Usually, the committee offers three baskets and the club offers three. For this year’s table the festival

committee arranged for a kitchen basket which was won by Doug Grim, and a tin container of chocolate

and gift certificates from Shisler’s Cheese, Kraus Pizza, 3-D Meats and NAPA went home with Marie

Septer. The members of the Garden Club donated items for a nature basket, accepted by Deb Hummel,

and a holiday bag full of an assortment of gift wrap and trimmings, gingerbread items and more. Sheila

Morgan was that lucky winner. A member donated an adult tricycle, and it was ridden off into the craft

area by crafter Jamie Sabo. The most popular item was the gift card tree, worth $500, each card

being donated by generous businesses locally as well as one from Hartville Hardware and one from Erie

Apparel in Erie, PA. Diane Caillet will have a merry Christmas with her winnings!

On Dec. 16, the Dalton Garden Club members will be lunching at the Pine Tree Barn for their annual

Christmas outing. It will be there that the group will decide to whom proceeds from the raffle table will go.

The club annually donates to a family or organization in need.

Thank you to all who purchased tickets, donated to our organization, and to the Festival Committee who

allows us to be a part of such a “cool” event.

As always, one does not need to be an expert in gardening or arranging to join a garden club. It is a place

to learn and have a good time trying. If interested, reach Marie Septer at (330) 828-2170 or Davida

Hamsher at

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