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Dalton 6th graders offering recycling Jan. 11

Submitted by Laura Grimm

Dalton Middle School STEAM teacher

Give a gift to the Earth this holiday season: recycle, compost or donate.

The Dalton Middle School sixth grade STEAM class would like to help you with your recycling. If you bring items to be recycled to the Dalton Village Garage Recycling Center, 47 N. Freet St., on Saturday, Jan. 11 between 8 and 11 a.m., we will help you unload your car or truck. We will even give you a gift for your recycling efforts.

Many of the things we use during the holidays can be recycled:

* Plastics – packaging, milk or egg nog containers, 2-liter bottles, other plastic cups, plates, and silverware;

* Glass – beverage bottles and jars;

* Cardboard – gift or delivery boxes, clean pizza boxes, cereal boxes, wrapping paper and paper towel tubes;

* Aluminum – beverage cans, aluminum foil and pans/trays;

* Metal – food cans, ornament hooks, and other metal;

* Paper – non-metallic gift wrap, newspaper, paper bags, envelopes, your completed Christmas list, and Santa’s Nice & Naughty List.

Christmas trees can be composted. If you live in the Dalton City Limits, you can either leave your undecorated Christmas tree at the curb for pick up or take it to the Dalton Village Garage for future composting.

Tired of your lights, wreaths, and other decorations? Take them to MCC Connections.

Recycling, composting and donating items are good ways to help the environment and keep objects out of the landfill. Happy holidays and have an environmentally responsible New Year!


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