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LOCAL MOVIE REVIEW: Favorite films of decade inspire joy

It’s hard to imagine what the “Twenty-twenties” will bring.

The past decade, the “Twenty-tens,” in many ways have blurred the lines between fact and fiction, truth and fantasy, real and imaginary.

Movies – which traditionally have been looked to for an escape from our reality, while also a reflection of it – are struggling to keep up as what was previously unfathomable becomes almost routine.

The villains of film, no matter how sharp their incisors, can seem almost toothless compared to those that daily attack our way of life and shatter our conscience.

Perhaps because we’re so desperate for heroes in the world – and certainly, they are out there – we as a society have become obsessed with them on screen.

Moviegoers also have flocked to the sinister and scary, seeking a shock, which is increasingly hard to come by in our desensitized psyche.

Superheroes, and supervillains, have been everywhere in the “Twenty-tens” – dominating TV and film, in the biggest blockbusters and also sometimes the biggest flops.

I’ve seen a lot of movies during the past decade, and heroes and villains feature in almost all of them. Not all of those heroes and villains wear capes or cackle. Some of those heroes are simply people who refuse to be bowed by the harsh circumstances that surround them, who smile during a rainstorm and spread positivity and love.

My favorite films of the “Twenty-tens” – not the best films, by most critical standards, but my favorite – are mostly bright and hopeful, because that’s what I aspire to be.

Maybe you enjoy, or will enjoy, them, too.

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