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Down Memory Lane with Jim Forrer: Dalton native shares special memory from 1947

     Meyers Lake and Penny loafers don’t seem to have much in common, but it was perfect.

     Mom told me to hurry and get dressed because she was excited to go see Guy Lombardo.   After I got dressed and went down stairs, I asked dad who this Lumbago guy was.  When he got done laughing, dad told me that it was Guy Lombardo and his Orchestra.  Well now for a six year old it didn’t excite me at all.  But then, dad said it was at Meyers Lake.  Now that made a big difference.  I knew that was where the Big Fat Laughing Lady was.

     We arrived a little before dark.  Since we were early I got to ride The Caterpillar, play a little Ski Ball and watch the Big Fat Laughing Lady laughing.  Then we headed over to the Moonlight Ballroom.  There was a small crowd already present and waiting for that Lumbago guy.  Pretty soon the guys in the band started filling in and taking their chairs.  Everyone seemed antsy with anticipation.

     After all the introductions, the music started and mom grabbed me and onto the dance floor we went.  Dad was an ole ‘stick-in-the-mud’ when it came to tripping the light fantastic.  So, there I was, not knowing what to do.  Mom said,”just stand on my Penny Loafers” and away we went.  The fast songs were a bit hard for the both of us but, the slow stuff was a lot more fun.

     When the music stopped, that Lumbago guy pointed at us and proclaimed that we were the best couple on the dance floor.  There was a lot of hooping and hollering.

     Just the thought of Penny loafers brings back a flood of happy memories of my mother.  Mom always loved wearing them.

Jim Forrer

Dalton High Class of 1957

Caldwell, Idaho

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