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Board opposes EdChoice program

DGKN staff report

DALTON School board members approved during their regular meeting Jan. 27 to pass a resolution opposing the state’s Educational Choice (EdChoice) Scholarship Program.
Superintendent Jim Saxer mentioned that other school districts are upset about recent changes and lawmakers are currently looking at the program.
The board unanimously passed the resolution, which notes the amendments to the program greatly increases the number and availability of vouchers for students to attend private/parochial schools at public tax expense, and vouchers will be available to numerous families and students who have never attended Dalton Local Schools or other public schools. Dalton Local Schools state funding would be “unjustly decreased” by vouchers to families who have never attended public schools.
The resolution notes the state of Ohio has the constitutional responsibility to secure a thorough and efficient system of common schools and the EdChoice program will have the opposite effect by providing funding to private/parochial schools at the expense and to the detriment of public schools and their students.
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