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EWFD, SCT take steps to settle

DALTON East Wayne Fire District and Sugar Creek Township have taken another step toward resolving a contract that has been a legal dispute for years, and has notably created tension in local communities.
Officials agreed at a special meeting last week that lasted almost an hour that a new contract would be drawn up with a few amendments, and the contract will mirror the agreement the township has with Kidron Volunteer Fire Department.
EWFD Chairperson Blake Nussbaum II and board members Don Grimes and Jim Bucklew were present at Thursday’s joint meeting, which was in Dalton Village Council Chambers. Sugar Creek Township President Jon Hofstetter, vice president Tom Gregory and trustee Scott Widmer also were present at the special meeting. EWFD members Rick Peters and Deb Peters and SCT fiscal officer Anita Fisher were absent.

Read the complete story in the Jan. 29, 2019 edition of The Dalton Gazette & Kidron News.

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