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Savor the sweet moments in these shaky times

Last week, my husband and I were taking our dog for what has become now her daily lunchtime stroll.

Our old pup has been with us for 14 years. Her mom was rescued, and homes were found for her puppies. Sadie’s mom was a Beagle Terrier, but Sadie has features more like that of a Golden Retriever, so we’re guessing she takes after her father.

She’s a beautiful dog – but stubborn as can be. She has the heart of a lion – and a mule.

On several occasions over the years as we have walked her around the block, people have driven by and yelled: “Are you walking that dog or is she walking you?”

She has loved the extra walks she has been getting since both my husband and I have been home more these past couple of weeks during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

Our noontime walks are typically quite uneventful, but it’s a great opportunity to get fresh air, and we bounce ideas off of each other for both of our jobs.

Last Monday, we were walking past a park where our dog especially loves to linger – oh, all the smells she can sniff! – when a mini-van with its windows rolled down slowly drove past us. At the same time, we noticed the door in a house to our right open slightly and an elderly woman could be seen in the window of the door. Three children in the van yelled: “We love you Grandma!” They waved at the woman, and she smiled and waved back.

If any of you are like me, you can imagine how tears sprung instantly to my eyes. OK, fine, I’ll admit it, I was a mess the rest of our walk with tears trickling down my cheeks – but I was smiling. The moment was very sweet.  It was sad – because I imagine those children normally would have been hugging and visiting with their grandma – but it was still so touching.

Lately, I have been looking for those types of bright spots to help me and my family get through this time as we follow government officials’ orders to help protect ourselves and others from the life-threatening novel coronavirus by staying safely at home as much as possible.

Here are some more “bright spots” I and other DGKN staff members have encountered recently locally.  In these weeks of encouraged social distancing, we can’t really give pats on the back or high fives, but there are some people to whom we would like to give virtual elbow bumps.

* To East Wayne Fire District and Kidron Volunteer Fire Department and other area fire departments for continuing to volunteer and work to save lives and help community members. To EWFD and KVFD in particular, thank you for working together to share equipment and employees, and for dedicating a squad at Station 1 in Dalton to respond to patients with coronavirus symptoms.

* To Dalton police officers and other law enforcement agencies who continue to work to protect us and who are often the first to respond to situations. Extra elbow bump goes to those who donated personal protective equipment to the Dalton PD. Kelly Nussbaum provided a homemade face mask and Craig Mintz provided face shields.

* To P. Graham Dunn for working on assembling close to half a million face masks to be used in hospitals across the country.

* To teachers, school administrators and employees at Dalton Local Schools, Central Christian School and other area school districts who have continued to provide lessons, lunches and technology to students.

* To Kidron Town & Country Store for offering free delivery and curbside pick up to senior citizens.

* To restaurants such as Kidron T & C, Dutch Kitchen and the Dalton Dari-ette for adapting and changing procedures to keep employees and customers safe, and for continuing to work and provide meals.

* To health care workers and medical professionals, store employees, construction workers, postal employees, truck drivers, utility crews, and many, many others who continue to go to work each day to serve others.

* To all of those who have gone above and beyond to help out loved ones, neighbors, and strangers, who have lent a hand, or even offered positive words to help brighten someone’s day during these weeks of uncertainty.

* To our readers who have continued to subscribe to support their community newspaper and to residents who have continued to support their local businesses as much as possible.

Do you have a “bright spot” to share or someone you would like to thank who has done something special during these weeks that Ohio residents have been ordered to stay at home? Email or call 330-760-0720 and please include your name and phone number in case we have any questions. Thank you and please follow the guidelines put in place to stay as safe and healthy as possible. For up-to-date information about COVID-19, visit


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