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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Thankful to SCT, EWFD for reconciling differences

To the Editor of the Dalton Gazette,

It certainly was refreshing and admirable to read the public article concerning the trustees and fire district’s accomplishments  of reconciliation and resolutions in regards to the past number of years relating to serious grievances.
Hopefully, this public declaration will pave the way for total forgiveness to occur so healing and hope can be restored and mutual relationships again be established.
I’m certain the surrounding communities greatly support and appreciated the new leaf in this chapter of life. It will provide both harmony and optimism. Thank you leaders for modeling both team spirit and efforts as you provide public safety and emergency provisions. May long term vision and professional communication be a focal point with strategic goals each day as you engage and serve our communities.
One who appreciates ethical values demonstrated in leadership,
Oren Steiner
Dalton area resident

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