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Dalton Kidron Big 4 4-H meets online

Dalton Kidron Big 4 4-H group on March 23 completed its first ever 4-H meeting online in 76 years.

In this meeting, the group talked about the due date for the forms, and who was elected for Dalton Kidron Big 4 2020 office, according to a report provided by Lydia Marthey.

Luke Greer and Clay Johnson were elected President; Reilly Green and Shelby Lehman are Vice President; Secretary is Molly Green; Megan Tenney and Cody Workinger are Treasurer; News Reporter is Lydia Marthey; Gabe Clark and Charlie Tenney are Recreation leaders; Grace Greer is Historian; and Lilli Ediger is Health and Safety leader.

The group meets next April 13.

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