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Bringing Jacob Home: Local family anticipates end of long road home from hospital

Jacob Edwards recently celebrated his 6-month birthday at Akron Children’s Hospital. His parents, Don and Holly Edwards, are setting up nurses so they can bring him home. (PHOTO PROVIDED)


ORRVILLE Born two months prematurely in October at Aultman Hospital, Jacob Edwards has had an angel watching over him, his parents believe.

Each time the tiny baby boy fought to take a breath and his tiny lungs filled with air was a prayer answered for Don and Holly Edwards.

Through each medical procedure to save his life, including a tracheostomy at Akron Children’s Hospital, God has given Jacob strength and guided the hands of the doctors and nurses, his parents believe.

God hasn’t been Jacob’s only constant companion.

While the brave little boy continues to win the daily struggle to make his way in this world, he has had a strong advocate.

When Jacob breathes, she can breathe easier.

When he is in pain, she can feel it.

When he reaches a goal, she celebrates the victory.

Now, she is doing everything in her power to bring him home.

Because home is where Jacob’s mother knows she can love him best.

Soon, the 14-pound baby, with chubby cheeks and a smile to melt anyone’s heart, may experience life outside of a hospital room for the first time in his hard-fought life.

Love to share

Don and Holly Edwards were disappointed when they found out they weren’t able to have children. The couple, who married in 2008 and live just outside of Orville, were told intervention would be an option to try to have kids.

“That was hard news to get,” said Holly Edwards, who grew up in Kidron and graduated from Dalton High School in 1996. “We thought about adopting and went about our lives and never went through with that decision. After a few years, we accepted the fact we wouldn’t have kids and life would be different and we would enjoy it anyway doing other things.”

Don Edwards, a Waynedale High School graduate who works at Kelbly’s in North Lawrence, and Holly, who until recently was a real estate administrator, obtained motorcycle licenses and rode together. They enjoyed traveling. Holly took up running. She ran 40 miles for her 40th birthday. Holly’s plan was to add an extra mile to her run each year.

The thought of having children was behind them.

Holly didn’t run her planned 41 miles last year. The couple received a gift on April Fool’s Day – of all days.

Don knew his wife wasn’t joking when she told him April 1, 2019, that they were expecting a baby. He was just as surprised as she was when a pregnancy test showed positive results.

Read the complete story in the April 22, 2020 edition.



Holly Edwards keeps close at hand and heart a poem handwritten on yellow stationery composed by her sister in Florida.

To Mommy and Daddy from Baby

By Crystal Donohue

For many years your prayers were sent,

And many hopeless nights were spent.

But then God said, “Your time has come”

To go to Earth, My Little One.”


I still recall that precious day,

When you learned I was on my way!

I heard your voice, your laughs, your cries,

I couldn’t wait to see your eyes!


To see the beauty of your face,

Your softest touch and sweet embrace.

God made me special, without a doubt,

But no one was to yet find out.


I had a secret, a great surprise,

And I am perfect in God’s eyes.

Who’s Man to say that God is wrong?

He planned me this way all along!


For who are we, to question God?

Suggesting his decision is flawed.

Each detail He forms, great care he takes

Our Heavenly father makes no mistakes.


I heard you laugh, I heard you cry,

I heard them tell you I would die.


But God was there. He wasn’t done.

He never left His Little One.


Through all the million tears you cried,

Jesus never left my side.

He lovingly wiped away yours tears,

And gave you hope, and calmed your fears.


And you believed, you understood,

His ways are always true and good.

Our God creates, controls and completes,

And nothing man can do competes.


It’s all part of His Great Design

For He makes all things beautiful in His time.


Now I am here, and you are too,

So let’s begin our Journey through.

Each day’s an opportunity, a blessing, a choice,

I’m so glad you listened to that small, still voice:


“Have hope, have faith, I am not done.

There is so much more for Our Little One.”


“Just keep me first, stay strong, stay true,

And then you’ll see great things I can do!”

“When you were hurting and didn’t understand,

That’s when I lovingly took your hand.”

“Just trust me and you’ll know what I mean,

There’s not a day ahead I haven’t seen.”


“No one else was right for the needs he had,

That’s why I chose you to be his Mom and Dad.”

“Just remember that I will always be there,

And know that I love you and know that I care.”


So every day will precious be,

The time we spend, just you and me.

For we know not the day or hour,

It’s all controlled by His Might Power.


I thank you so much, for listening to Him.

We’re in this together, through thick and through thin.

God made me just for you to love,

So unique, so special, a gift from Above.

I know I’m God’s precious gift, it’s true,

But the very best part was Him giving me you!


I love you Mommy and Daddy!

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