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No injuries reported in Thursday semitrailer accident

DGKN staff report

DALTON  No major injuries were reported Thursday after a semitrailer tipped over onto its side at state Route 94 and Henry Street.

The road was blocked between about 4 and 9 p.m. Thursday while crews cleared the area. Some diesel fuel was leaking and East Wayne Fire District responded.

The truck was the only vehicle involved, according to Dalton Police Chief Ryan Pearson. The tractor-trailer was traveling south on state Route 94 and attempted to make a westbound turn onto Henry Street. During the turn, the truck went into a yard and that shifted the coil on the back of the trailer, which caused the truck to tip over.


  1. Maria Knopp on June 28, 2020 at 6:56 am

    My son was leavIng work, ( P. Graham Dunn), he was at the stop sign at Henry and 94. This semi driver from my sons view appeared aggravated to have to attempt the turn with him at the stop sign. My son backed up to try to give him room, the semi driver gunned the gas, which over shot him into the bank his truck started to fall toward my son, my son said he saw his life flash before him, he quickly moved forward before the loud crash that caused the whole neighborhood to come out of their houses… this story could have been way different if it weren’t for my sons great reflexes and driving abilities. So to say from a mother’s perspective after seeing her son break down in tears and is afraid to get into a car, that their was only one person involved in this accident, I’m thanking God that that truck didn’t fall on my sons car, he is actually in the pictures filling out a “ witness “ report… when in fact, he was in the accident, and possibly an aggravation to the driver on account my son didn’t go through the stop sign but waited on him to make the turn, which could have cause the over kill on the gas pedal… looks like there needs to be something changed for sure at that intersection and with perspectives.

    • Jennifer on July 20, 2020 at 12:04 pm

      Your son didn’t move. He sat and looked at the Driver as he was waiting for your son to move so he could make his turn. He literally sat there for 30 seconds looking at the driver and made no effort to move. so the driver of course aggravated had to cut the corner short, then your son decided to back up when he saw the truck starting to flip over.

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