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New bins assist Dalton recyclers

New recycling dumpsters are Dalton’s recycling center have signs to help clear up confusion about what is permitted in each container and to reduce contamination. (Photo illustration by Kurt Immler.)

BRIGHT SPOT: A reader contacted the Gazette & News about how she appreciated an “act of kindness” with two sets of handmade wooden props at Dalton’s recycling center to hold up bin lids. Chester Miller, a retired Dalton resident who likes to help out neighbors and the village when he can behind the scenes, confirmed he made the wooden props to help out residents while they are recycling. A sign at a set reads: “Thanks for returning props to holder — Chet.”

DKGN staff report

DALTON  Bright yellow recycling bins have replaced the previous dumpsters at Dalton’s village garage along Freet Street in an effort to better assist both residents and the recycling district.
“We have been working hard to update our brand new bins to make recycling easy for our residents,” Steve Tharp, Jr., operations coordinator, Stark-Tuscarawas-Wayne Recycling District, wrote in an email.
“Prior to the change, many were using our dumpsters as trash bins and “wishcycling.” Many think that if they throw it in our bins, we make sure that it gets recycled. That just isn’t possible with our set up. We have a contract with Kimble to handle our metal cans, glass bottles and jars, and plastic bottles and jugs. Slesnick handles our paper and cardboard.”
The 10 new bins were delivered June 27 to Dalton. Labels have been changed and signs have been erected to help clear up the recycling district’s message and to reduce contamination.

Read the complete story in the July 8, 2020, edition.

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  1. Alissa Conrad on July 27, 2020 at 11:07 pm

    How do we get the previous bins back? I realize this reduces contamination but it also increases landfill bound waste because the type of plastic accepted is limited. I get the resale market for recycled plastic is down due to oil prices being low but I recycle to keep it waste out of landfills, not for the profit. Also it’s super convenient to not need 5 different bins taking up room in my house :/

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