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Dalton Kidron Big 4 resumes regular meetings


Big 4 news reporter

On Monday, June 29 Dalton Kidron Big 4 called their last online meeting to order.
We started off with the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-H pledge. Next, we did attendance: 61 people attended. Then, our treasure gave his report: Our current balance is $478.26. Our next meeting was scheduled for July 13 at Cornerstone Church hosted by the Whites. We are supposed to bring our dues and leaf rubbings.
During our meeting we talked about the Wayne County Fair virtual camps and how Camp Ohio is taking donations to help get through the season, results of all the camps being cancelled.
Then, we discussed how fair books are available, the Junior Leaders have a T-shirt fundraiser. Lastly, our group discussed our group project, new updates, recreation, and we adjourned the meeting.

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