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REAL ESTATE TIPS: Type of garage can make difference in home’s value

Whether you have one or not, most people would agree that having a garage is important.

I have seen adult men not buy homes unless there was an outbuilding to store their toys. I once showed a woman homes who would not buy anything less than a three-car garage because her high school child needed to be able to park in the garage so he wouldn’t have to scrape his car in the winter.

I completely understand the obsession with a garage.

The two-car garage our family had growing up while rarely, if ever, used for cars, still offered the convenience for storage. In fact, when shopping for their first home as a married couple (Dad had owned a home when my parents got married), one of only two criteria was that their home must have an attached garage. Dad wanted to start a machine shop and he needed a detached garage to do it.

When I was 16 and we moved to Orrville, my best friend’s parents had just built a home in the newest neighborhood of town where every single house had an attached garage. I was sure that, like a master bath, an attached garage was a sign of success.
But it was so much more.

When our oldest son was a toddler, we had a detached garage. Austin was the anti-sleeper. He never had a bedtime until he started elementary school and one of my friends who was a room mother told me that Austin fell asleep while she was in their classroom. So we gave him a bedtime: 10 p.m. But he would usually fall asleep in the car, which would bring me sheer joy! I think it was the humming of the car that would do the job. I remember purposely running errands during nap time to get him to sleep. Sometimes it worked but other times I think that he was onto my plan. He would get so mad at me and start yelling “this isn’t the way to our home!” To this day I have no idea how a 2-year-old knew when we were going home the wrong way! On those glorious days when he would fall asleep in the car, the victory was short lived. Almost every single time we would arrive home to our detached garage he would wake up as soon as I transferred him from the car to the house. And the nap was over.
But then victory came once again when we moved to our current home. We had an attached garage! When the boys fell asleep in the car, I could just close the overhead garage door, leave the car doors open, leave the door into the house open and do whatever I needed to do yet still hear them when they would wake up to bring them inside. It was awesome!

I wouldn’t get wet or cold bringing in groceries and even most importantly, I didn’t have to scrape my car in the winter! Having an attached garage was literally one of my favorite things about our house when we bought it.

A garage does make a difference in value both in terms of what a buyer thinks but also an actual dollar value on an appraisal. But sometimes we can go overboard.

An attached two-car garage is very normal today. In fact, if someone is building a new home, I would suggest building an attached two or three-car garage. Building an outbuilding or detached garage is when people tend to get crazy fancy.

So we go back to what I have asked before. Are you building it for you or for resale? If you are building it for you, do whatever you want. If you are building it for you but resale value is important, please don’t get started without asking me or another Realtor for input. We can give you the best advice possible on what helps you enjoy your garage for the purposes you need it for and what will help you recoup the money that you put into it.

Next time, we talk about the home office. Until then, I hope that you have an incredible blessed week!
Esta Ryder, Broker/Owner
President’s Club
Ryder Realty, LLC

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