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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Too many unanswered questions surround proposed fire/EMS levies

The Village of Dalton has been illegally paying $72,000 per year from the general fund for the last three years to the East Wayne Joint Fire District and has passed a resolution to continue doing so. The Ohio Revised Code states that when voters approve a fire and/or EMS levy, there can be no other compensation or funding given to the EWJFD from that taxpayer base unless it is another voted levy.

How much money will the proposed levies generate and how much money will it cost each district for usage, based on the number of calls in 2019.

* Marshallville 2.9 mill -$28,000.00 79 calls = $355.00 per call
* Village of Dalton 2.9 mill – $125,000.00 215 calls = $582.00 per call
* Southern District (Kidron) 1.5 mill – $101,000.00 130 calls = $777.00 per call
* Northern District of Sugar Creek Township 2.9 mill – $125,000 101 calls = $1238.00 per call

Why is the northern district paying so much more?

The cost to operate the Marshallville station in 2019 was over $70,000 but will only generate $28,000 in the proposed fire levy. Who covers the difference in cost?

The president of the Sugar Creek Township Trustees should have recused himself from any discussion of a fire levy because of a conflict of interest. The SCTT and the EWJFD fire chief are both employed fulltime by the same fire department and the EWJFD fire chief is the ranking officer.

The SCTT’s just got out of a legal quagmire with the EWJFD so why complicate the issue. Use a KISS plan with one fire district for unincorporated SCT and one levy amount. What happens if one or two of the three levies fail?

David Wengerd
Sugar Creek Twp. resident

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