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Dalton Garden Club officers remain same for coming year


Club secretary

DALTON The Dalton Garden Club had a progressive luncheon for its Aug. 11 outdoor meeting. The group met at the home of Marie Septer with Betty Crouser assisting for an appetizer of a hot pizza dip.
Following  the tasty introduction, the members walked around Septer’s backyard bordered by many different perennials with annuals added for color. One bed, planted appropriately beneath shade trees was an attractive Hosta garden, with varying colors of foliage.

The group then walked across the street to the home of Camille Olsen. She and Donna Tomak served two summer salads. After enjoying that part of the meal, the ladies walked around Olsen’s house to see a wide range of colors. Olsen has created a memory garden with bench, stepping stones, and a healthy-looking butterfly bush. She has an area just for daylilies but by this time had expired.

The main course of soup and sandwiches was provided by Karen Burns at the home of Linda Bartel. A portion of Bartel’s garden is growing in planters on her deck. It’s a short trip to the deck to snip some spearmint for tea, cilantro for salads and pick some tomatoes for the hamburgers. She is trying some red beets as well.

Dessert of berry cobbler and ice cream were served at the home of Davida Hamsher. The business meeting began soon after the last morsel was licked off the spoon.

Officers for the club will remain the same for the coming year: President, Marie Septer; Vice President, Camille Olsen; Treasurer, Karen Burns; Secretary, Davida Hamsher.

Because the Wayne County Fair will only be a Junior Fair this year, the usual fair flower arranging did not need to be discussed. For the September meeting, the members will be assembling small fall arrangements for the residents of Shady Lawn Health Center. Carolyn Husted will host the club, with Linda Sword assisting. Following the meeting, the ladies made a quick trip around Hamsher’s backyard. A large stoned firepit area was added since the last visit, along with a stone planter full of bubblegum petunias and a small pond with a frog spitter. Unfortunately, the frog had decided not to spit! A real frog has visited the pond upon occasion.

A row of sunflowers bordered the entire back end of the yard thanks to a Mother’s Day gift from Hamsher’s daughter.

A nice crop of zinnias grew this year in preparation for fair arrangements but — we shall all try again next year.

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  1. Kathleen B. Tomlinson on December 10, 2020 at 2:41 pm

    This is a note to Davida Hamsher. Please e-mail me when you get a chance. I found some old books in the attic that were from the Thorburn/Ekey family and thought you might be interested in them.

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