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Dalton Village Council meeting report

DGKN staff report
DALTON  Council members voiced concerns at the Sept. 21 Village Council meeting about serious issues they heard about at State Route 94 and U.S. 30. Council President Pat Sword recommended the village solicitor put together a letter to the state of Ohio stating their concerns and council unanimously approved the motion.

Mayor Dennis Finley said the intersection already had problems which have multiplied recently. Many people have brought issues to his attention about the timing of the new streetlights and traffic being backed up, especially since the Wenger Road crossover closed and school has resumed.

“Mayor, I would shudder to think what would happen if there were a serious accident,” Councilman Terry Johns said.

Finley said drainage is another issue that puts vehicles at risk of hydroplaning when it storms.

“I believe they can do things with the timing of the light and the way they’re running the light to provide a safer intersection for our residents and for people who visit our community,” Finley said.

Sword asked about how the problems may have been avoided. Finley said the Village of Dalton was not invited to a pre-construction meeting and the village should have been involved in all steps of the project.

When a camera is wired at that intersection, people eventually will be able to visit and see the traffic flow at that intersection, Finley told council.

Finley said he would like to see issues resolved in the next week or so. He would suggest a turn arrow for motorists heading north may be helpful. Residents have told him the yellow light does not stay on as long as it previously did. He said he has been in contact with the Ohio Department of Transportation and he also contacted Rep. Scott Wiggam, R-Wayne County, who helped Finley get in touch with the right person.

“I am fighting to provide a safe intersection that you are willing to have your children drive through, that you’re willing to have your spouse drive through, and you don’t have to worry about loss of life,” Finley said. “Right now, I’m nervous every day.”

In other business:
* Council approved the acceptance and expenditure of $51,358 distributed in first two rounds of COVID relief funds. Council discussed how the grant money has specific parameters. Funds can go toward PPE and hand sanitizer. Also, council has been meeting at the Village Garage to ensure social distancing and they discussed how funds could go toward updating the second floor of Village Hall so that meetings could resume indoors in the winter. Money has to be spent by the end of 2020.

* Sword read a letter aloud from a woman who owns property in the village and thanked council and the Street and Parks Committee for taking down almost all of the “No Turn on Red” signs.
* Jon Hofstetter, president of the Sugar Creek Township Board of Trustees, spoke at the beginning of the meeting during visitor participation about two issues: an annexation issue, and also recognizing first responders. Hofstetter said he is considering proclaiming November as Thin Ice Awareness Month to let the public know about the dangers about ice.
EWFD Assistant Chief Ryan Sprunger will be receiving a state Valor Award for his actions Dec. 22 and Hofstetter said he would like to see rescuers involved recognized at the local level as well. Finley suggested a joint resolution with Sugar Creek Township to recognize EWFD, Kidron Volunteer Fire Department and other departments and individuals involved in the rescue. Hofstetter said he will be in touch with KVFD to make sure the department is comfortable having the department listed on the proclamation.

* Finley announced that Trick or Treat has been set in the village for 2-4 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 25. People can choose whether to participate and are asked to turn on their porchlight to show their participation. Parents can choose whether they would like children to participate.
“I think it’s important to give people freedom to make decisions that they feel that they’re comfortable making,” he said.

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