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REAL ESTATE TIPS: Ryder Realty podcast aims to fill a need

Find a need and fill it. I have heard that expression for years. In most cases, it applies to business. People have a need to eat so you open a restaurant.

Sometimes it can apply to life. Like when my friend didn’t have a boyfriend and an acquaintance didn’t have a girlfriend so I saw their need (no spouse) and I filled it by setting them on a blind date. They have now been married for 15 years.

At Ryder Realty, we see lots of needs all around us. Not just from a financial perspective (someone needing money to buy a house) but from a “what in the heck are we doing?” perspective. The need is education and we have filled it. How? I will get to that in a minute.

I am very picky about what agents I bring on board. I not only want agents who are loyal and kind to their clients, knowledgeable and have a servant’s heart. The unexpected result of this was that I filled my office with a group of agents who have a teacher’s heart. They teach and guide their clients each step of the way of the real estate process.

One day at a staff meeting, we were talking about some useful ways to teach others about the things we wish we all knew when we were buying homes. We had found the need. Now the question was how to fill it. Some of the agents came up with a fabulous idea and ran with it. And today we are sharing it with you.

I am so proud of our agents for creating Ryder Realty Tuesday Tips Podcast. Katelyn Palfy is our hostess. She interviews different people on all things real estate. I have been able to participate with her and it is a blast! So if you are a real estate junky like me and you would like to know more about the field, we’d love for you to download our podcast and listen.

In the field of teaching, writing is my first love by far. While I am not afraid of talking into a microphone, I love sitting at my computer and writing to all of you. So until next week, have a blessed week!

Esta Ryder, Broker/Owner
President’s Club
Ryder Realty, LLC

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