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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A positive direction for our community

Can you feel it? Something is happening in the rural community of Sugar Creek Township. Local government, emergency first responders, and volunteers working together to make our area a safe place to live, worship, and educate our children. Open communication and cooperation. Partnerships and resolving past disagreements. There is a positive momentum in our community and everyone has a part to play. As residents of the northern fire coverage area of the township we plan to vote YES for the fire levy next week. We are not basing our decision on how many calls have happened in our neighborhood. We want our local fire department to have the equipment, training, and staff so if that day ever comes, they can respond quickly. We encourage you to do the same.

Signed Residents,

Dan and Jill Blosser,
Bair Road

Tom and Jenny Gregory,
Bair Road

Mark Berg,
Pres Vannes Drive

Bob and Vicki Carpenter, Pres Vannes Drive

Ted and Beth Gerber,
Lake Harmony

Travis and Heather Pauli, Bair Road

Larry and Kathy Mast,
Lake Harmony

Mark and Cindi Clark,
Lake Harmony

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