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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A ‘Yes’ vote for East Wayne Fire District levy will improve critical response time

I’m writing to encourage a YES vote on the East Wayne Fire District levy.

In August of 2018 I called 911. East Wayne responded, but because they were not staffed, the response time was delayed.

Fortunately, the responding firefighter realized my symptoms and called the closest staffed paramedic, which was North Lawrence Fire Department to assist. When I was put into the ambulance, my EKG did not show a heart attack. But on the way to hospital, the paramedic saw a heart attack on the EKG and alerted Aultman. I was rushed into the Cath lab and had two stents placed.

If funding had allowed the EWFD station to be staffed with two firefighters, critical time would have been saved and I may not have suffered any heart damage. I want to give my neighbors a chance for a better outcome. That’s why I’m voting FOR the levy and urge you to also.

Larry Douglas

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