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Sonnenberg Village to have barn raising in 2021


Glenn and Phyllis Gerber donated their barn, dated 1847, to Sonnenberg Village.

Herman and Marilyn Nussbaum’s children, Jane Nussbaum Kalina, Kim Nussbaum and Donna Nussbaum immel pose with the barn. Before previous barn owner Herman Nussbaum passed away, Glenn Gerber asked him about the prospect of donating the structure to Sonnenberg Village and Nussbaum gave his blessing.


KIDRON  Sonnenberg Village plans to host a good old-fashioned barn raising next year.

The growing village along Hackett Road that restores and preserves local historical structures already has a church, houses, blacksmith shop and other buildings on its 5-acre property – so it’s about time for a barn.

After all, barns have served as the backbones of many farms throughout history.

The barn on Glenn and Phyllis Gerber’s property wasn’t being used as it once was. Glenn, a former vice president of the Kidron Community Historical Society, and avid local memorabilia collector, knows a historical treasure when he sees one. A few years ago, Glenn learned that Sonnenberg Village was looking for a barn, and he contacted previous owner Herman Nuss-baum, who gave his blessing to donate the structure.

This past year, pieces have begun falling in to place for the Nussbaum/Gerber Barn to be erected at Sonnenberg Village on the outskirts of Kidron. But first, the steadfast structure that has seen more than a century and a half worth of farming, and families, and the world changing around it, needs to be taken apart and moved from its original location.

“They bring with them loads of history,” Gerber said. “How many generations have worked in the barn, how many generations have lived off that barn through milking cows, and animals. The hard work it took to build something like that to start with – and how it has endured for 100 and how many years. It’s amazing that these structures can stand the test of time and they’re disappearing. … I thought this was a good way to preserve it for the next generations to come.”

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