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LOCAL OPINION: 10 good things about wearing a mask


10. Is the bottom half of your face not your best feature? Let your eyes shine!

9. Cover up blemishes and that zit that magically appeared on your nose. Save money on makeup! No need to check if you have anything stuck in your teeth after lunch!

8. Built-in scarf for the cooler months.

7. Show your environmentally friendly side by wearing a cloth one you can wash and reuse.
6. Mumble to yourself in the store as much as you’d like and no one will think you’re going crazy.

5. Make a fashion statement. Color coordinate, display a message, or support a good cause by buying one at MCC Connections in Kidron.

4. You can stick out your tongue at someone who is annoying and they’ll never know!

3. It’s real-life game of Guess Who as you try to see if you know people in public.

2. You get to help protect others from your germs as they protect you from theirs.

1. We can get out of our houses. Our kids can go to school. We can be with other people.

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