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Dalton Garden Club makes plans for 80th year

Foam craft store pumpkins became attractive fall decor at the Dalton Garden Club’s October meeting. Jute ribbon cover each pumpkin topped with Spanish moss and fall accessories. The idea was borrowed from the morning show, Home & Family, on the Hallmark Channel.

Club secretary

What a year for everyone! The Dalton Garden Club has had to make some alterations in this summer and fall’s programming, but meetings are taking place with precautions.

In September, the ladies convened in the garage of Linda Sword to make 27 small fall arrangements for residents of Shady Lawn Health Care. It was a toasty day, but the open air provided a good place to work.

Then in October, since a garage lends itself to spreading out, the group met at the home of Davida Hamsher. With a theme of autumn apples and pumpkins, tables were set up, and the members had plenty of room to spread out and turn cheap foam craft store pumpkins into attractive ones. Jute ribbon covered each pumpkin topped with Spanish moss and fall accessories. The idea was borrowed from the morning show, “Home & Family” on the Hallmark Channel.
Refreshments were served by co-hostess, Karen Burns, who made a fantastic Magic Pumpkin Cake. Fruit Salsa and caramel corn added to the treats.

The club made some final adjustments to the programming for the coming year. November’s meeting was at the home of Marie Septer and in honor of Veterans Day, the group constructed patriotic wreaths. December is a Christmas celebration with lunch out and a gift to an organization in need. In 2021, plans are to learn more about trees, making chocolate/ peanut butter Buckeyes for Valentines, celebrating our 80th anniversary, picking weeds program, planting in the community, trips to Mohican Gardens and the Lavender Field in Orrville, picking antique places for garden accessories, and hopefully, planning floral entries for the horticulture show at the Wayne County Fair.

Guests and potential members are so welcome. Contact Marie Septer, 330-828-2170 or Davida Hamsher, for the latest club information.

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