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“I Love Wayne County, So I Mask Up” WJIC launches masking campaign

WOOSTER  The Wayne County Joint Information Center is launching a new campaign to encourage Wayne County residents to wear a mask in public, according to a news release.

The Wayne County Joint Information Center is a collective group working on the response to the pandemic. It includes members of the health department, emergency management, hospital systems, fire
and police department, elected officials, mental health and social service agencies.

The first phase of the campaign is the placing of four billboards around the county featuring various community members that endorse wearing masks. The tagline for the campaign is “I Love Wayne County, So I mask up”.

These billboards will appear today in different parts of the county. These billboards will also be on various partners’ social media. The second phase of the campaign involves a production of a commercial and
radio spot to appear on local cable and radio.

“It is crucial for the public to continue to wear masks in public. It’s not difficult and you are doing right by the Wayne County community as a whole by choosing to wear a mask. If we all make this commitment now, it will spare a lot of people from becoming very sick perhaps even dying,” according to Nicholas Cascarelli, Wayne County Health Commissioner, in the news release.

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