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REAL ESTATE TIPS: Remember to give thanks for our homes

Thanksgiving is next week. I would be surprised if there is a person out there who doesn’t like Thanksgiving. For the most part, it is a low-key holiday. You aren’t out spending a lot of time shopping like at Christmas, not worried about if the weather could mess up your grilling plans on Memorial Day or Labor Day, and there is no stress to find the perfect Easter dress like when I was a kid (although I don’t know if girls dress up for Easter like they did when I was growing up).

There are really only two important things on Thanksgiving Day – eating and being thankful. And if you are related to my husband’s family, watching football and checking out the sale for Black Friday are also on the goal list for the day – right before entering your carbohydrate comatose.

Being thankful usually means thankful for your family, country, blessings and maybe your house.

But what about your house are you thankful for? We spend so much time there but do we really think about what it offers us? Whether our house is big or small, fancy or basic, structurally solid or maybe even falling apart, owned by us or someone else, it is still a home to be thankful for.

As I write this, I can hear one of my neighbors using a leaf blower in his yard. So I can be thankful for neighbors who care about what their property looks like.

On school days, I can hear the kids playing on the playground when I am outside or my windows are open. It always makes me smile because you can tell they are having fun!

I am thankful that our house is big enough to work for our family now but small enough that when it is just the two of us again, it will still work well for us.

I am thankful that our home has things we take for granted but are a luxury in some countries – like running water, electricity and a floor that isn’t dirt.

Next week, as you remember what all you are thankful for, remember your home – the place that keeps you warm and safe and the place where you create memories with those you love. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Esta Ryder, Broker/Owner
President’s Club
Ryder Realty, LLC

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