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Whoa, baby! Newborns provide ‘joy and light’ during pandemic


Nicole Wolgamott, owner of Nik’s Barber Shop in Kidron, and her husband, Matt, discovered they were expecting an addition to their family last year – two, in fact. Having babies during a pandemic made the experience all the more memorable, Nicole Wolgamott shared with The Dalton Gazette & Kidron News.

Molly and Tom Horst welcomed their daughter, Piper, in October. Even though having to go through pregnancy and the newborn phase during the COVID-19 pandemic made the experience even more challenging than usual, Molly Horst wrote that she was grateful: “for joy and light to come out of 2020.”

Rhett Feller made his appearance on a special day in 2020 – Leap Day. He was born near the beginning of the pandemic and that has made it difficult all year for Jeff and Julie Feller to introduce their first child to extended family and friends. At the same time, the pandemic caused a silver lining: “As teachers, when schools went remote, we were both able to stay home with Rhett and enjoy the first six months of life, just the three of us,” Julie Feller wrote.

Read more in the parents’ own words about these little local ones who were born during an unusual year that will stand out in history:

Wolgamott twins

Babies’ names: Stihhl Timber and Forrest Lane
Born: Nov. 19, 2020 at Wooster Hospital
Parents: Matt and Nicole Wolgamott
Family: Two sisters, Kendall and Ashlynn; grandparents: Mike and Cheryl Gerber; David and Clara Wolgamott; Great-grandpa, Cliff Lehman
Hometown: Burbank is Matt’s hometown and Dalton/Kidron is Nicole’s hometown
Thoughts during the pandemic: “Finding out we were expecting twins was quite a shock,” Nicole wrote, “but we were very excited as well. Being pregnant with twins had its own uncertainties, let alone during a pandemic. One of the more challenging things was trying to work with the mask on, when you already have a hard time breathing. I really didn’t go anywhere outside of home or work, and if I did, my doctor requested to stay out of high traffic areas. Through my stay at the hospital after having the boys, Matt was the only person allowed in the room with me. It was very hard on our daughters and the grandparents to wait three days to see the babies before we could head home. We sent plenty of pictures and videos during that time. It has made the experience extra memorable.”
Hopes for the New Year:
“Our hopes for 2021 is to try to get back into a new routine and a new normal. It’s been quite hectic with the pandemic and trying to keep our kids safe and healthy during this time. We had a crazy 2020, and I’m just hoping that 2021 will be good to us, and everybody else!”

It’s a girl!
Baby’s name: Piper Joanne Horst
Family: parents, Tom and Molly Horst; grandparents, Lori Williams, Jay Williams, Nevin and Tami Horst
Hometown: Dalton
Date born: October 2020
Thoughts about having a baby during the pandemic: “Challenging and different times to go through pregnancy and newborn phase in a pandemic,” Molly wrote, “but so grateful for joy and light to come out of 2020.”
Hopes for your baby as we begin a New Year:
“A healthy and happy baby!”

It’s a boy!
Baby’s name: Rhett Holden Feller
Born: Feb. 29, 2020 – Leap Day. Rhett was 10 lbs. 9 oz.
Family: parents, Jeff and Julie Feller; grandparents, Joe and Pam Pollick, Rusty Feller and Sheryle Miller
Hometown: Wooster, born at Wooster Community Hospital
Thoughts: “Having a baby during a pandemic definitely changed the way we envisioned introducing our baby to everyone,” Julie wrote. “While most close family members and friends have met him, he is almost a year old and has yet to meet extended family and friends. However, the timing of the pandemic was a blessing in disguise. As teachers, when schools went remote, we were both able to stay home with Rhett and enjoy the first six months of life, just the three of us.”
Hopes for 2021: We hope to be able to introduce him to more family members and friends, take him to new places, and be able to make memories as a family of three.


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