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Motorists can report potential signal timing issues at U.S. 30 and state Route 94 (Ohio Department of Transportation)

The Ohio Department of Transportation shows views from cameras at U.S. 30 and state Route 94. Visit to view still shots from the cameras. 

DGKN staff report

DALTON  Motorists who notice a timing malfunction with the traffic lights at state Route 94 and U.S. 30 now have a phone number and email address to contact to report information or relay concerns.

Mayor Dennis Finley has noted the recent changes with the protected left-hand turn onto U.S. 30 from state Route 94 has seemed to improve traffic flow and safety. However, the village has been working with Ohio Department of Transportation officials on the timing issues experienced with the traffic signal at the intersection.

 Finley has said on an average day, green light times have been recorded on state Route 94 as anywhere from 7 to 11 seconds. A timing recently recorded 13.9 seconds of green in both directions and resulted in the traffic flowing well, but the timing tends to shorten over time.

Finley said ODOT is continuing to make adjustments and corrections.

Village Hall recently made changes to its phone system. People are now able to call 330-828-0082 if they witness a potential malfunction. They also can email with information or concerns. This will enable the village to contact the appropriate individuals at ODOT to let them know about the issue.  

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