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DALTON/KIDRON VIEWSLINE: Dalton squirrel population out of control

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(Jan. 5)
“I feel that the Village has become extremely over run by the increasing squirrel population, and I feel it’s time to eliminate some of them. I realize they can’t be hunted inside the city limits, but something needs to be done to control their rising numbers. A person can’t even leave their garage door up or they come right in and destroy things. They play havoc on landscaping and flowers in the summer. There are just too many of them.
I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to cut down their population legally. There’s too many to trap them, and besides it’s probably illegal to trap and release some place else. I know it’s illegal to trap and release raccoons which are a nuisance too. It’s sad because I know they are looking for food to survive. There should be some humane way to control their population. In my opinion, they are totally out of control.”

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