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What’s going on here? ODOT looking at permanent options for Wenger crossover


DALTON  Since the closing of the Wenger Road intersection at U.S. 30 last year for safety reasons, some motorists have continued to drive through the closed median, including semitrailers. Ohio Department of Transportation placed barrels in the median earlier this month to prevent motorists from driving through.

At a recent Dalton Village Council meeting. Mayor Dennis Finley said a traffic hazard is created when people drive through and pull mud onto U.S. 30, and the intent is for emergency vehicles only to use the median. Other motorists may face a ticket if they drive through the median.

“We are looking at permanent options that would still allow emergency vehicles to access the median when needed, but deter the average motorist from attempting to do so,” Crystal Neelon, ODOT public information officer, said in an email.

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