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Superstar on Staff: ‘Profe’ finds inspiration in humor and kindness

Paul Jackson

What do you love about working at Dalton Local Schools?

Without a doubt, what I love most about working for Dalton Local Schools is the true care and commitment our staff have for our students. I have never seen a need that was brought to their attention go unmet by this community. Emotionally, physically and academically, our teachers and staff put kids first.

How did you get to where you are today (education/experience/inspiration)?

This is my sixth year with Dalton Local Schools, where I teach high school Spanish as well as English as a Second Language K-12. I attended Mount Vernon Nazarene University, majoring in Spanish Language and Liter-ature. Recently, I earned a Master of Education degree from Ashland University, where I was honored as the top-performing graduate student in my class. My inspiration for teaching will always be the humor, unfailing kindness and academic rigor I received from my university Spanish professor, Dr. Barbara Martinez, who is affectionately known to her students as ‘Profe’ (which means ‘teacher’). My Spanish students now call me Profe, in her honor.

Tell us one interesting little fact about yourself that people would be surprised to hear.

I once rode a horse that got spooked and bolted down the side of an active volcano in Costa Rica. It was one of the most terrifying and thrilling experiences of my life. Ask me to tell you the whole story sometime, I love to tell it!


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