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REAL ESTATE TIPS: Putting off real estate decisions may create difficulty

Recently, we were at Jeff and Kara McCunes’ house watching the Ohio State game. I was sitting around the table with a few girlfriends. Kaysie wanted to show us something on her phone. She handed it to me. I squinted. She handed it to Kara and then to Wendy who both whipped out their reading glasses. They could both see. No squinting. These ladies let me try on their reading glasses and the world of small print was opened up to me like never before. It was awesome!

I knew that I needed the glasses. I have spent the last year moving my phone to get it just at the right spot for me to see the small print.

A few months ago, I had a print out of a house I was showing in my hand trying to read a number. I had to ask the buyer to read it because I wasn’t quite sure if I was seeing it correctly. I wasn’t.

And recently, Christy, The DGKN’s managing editor, asked me if I happened to have any pictures from the Dalton wrestling match. After she assured me that it was OK if it was one of my own sons since I only take mat pictures of them, I went through my phone, holding it super close to my face, to find a picture and sent her one of my oldest son, Austin.

When the Gazette came out a few weeks ago, Andy said, “They messed up. They have a picture of Seth and labeled it Austin.” I said, “No, I messed that up!” I just didn’t see what I thought I was seeing. But I still never bought the glasses. I kept forgetting.

Then a few weeks ago, I got a text from Kara McCune:  “Are you home?”

She surprised me and dropped off a package of reading glasses for me! The world was opened up to me in a way it hadn’t been for over a year. I could see! Clearly she is an awesome friend, but it was more than that. She helped me do what I should have done for myself a long time ago. And because I didn’t, I did goofy stuff – like mix up my kids. Kara rescued me.

We can be the same way with real estate. Just like I knew that I needed glasses but didn’t push myself to do it, sometimes we wait to handle real estate situations for so long that we make it more difficult on ourselves than it should be. Here are a few examples:

* We know that we can’t afford a house anymore but we don’t want to admit it, so we stay. Just like me knowing that I needed to get glasses –but not doing anything about it – sometimes people know what is best but just can’t make the move either. And then sometimes it is too late.
I worked with a single mom years ago. Through hard work she had moved her family up to a nicer home than they had in the past. But because of a job loss and a new career that didn’t quite pay the same, money had become tight. Like the power getting cut off and no money for Christmas gifts tight. She was financially drowning and barely making it one month to the next. I suggested she sell her home and move to one that was less expensive. She refused. She said that she worked hard to get where she was and she wasn’t going to “go back.” Her inability to see the problem made life more difficult for her and her children.

* Time to move to one floor living. It is hard to know that things might not be as they have always been. Sometimes waiting to sell until you actually need to finds you scrambling to find a place that meets your needs. Having a plan in advance helps you be ready when you need glasses – so to speak – rather than hoping for a last minute rescue from a friend. If you know that you want to downsize in five years, start looking into how that would work now. That way when it is time, you are ready. Or even if it is a bit early, you can still be aware of your options.

* Doing a home repair. Just like reading glasses, we know that some repairs are coming although some definitely come as a surprise. But something like a roof is one that you can plan for in advance. Make a plan to set the amount needed aside so that when that date does come, you aren’t like me – needing a roof (or glasses) and not having it.

* Moving in heartbreaking situations. Sometimes major life events like death and divorce can lead to the sale of a house. At times like this, having that friend come along beside you might be the best thing that could happen. It is still your decision – Kara brought me glasses but I still had to put them on my head. But having that friend in your life who has experienced what you are experiencing now might be exactly what you need to make those decisions.
It is January, in my opinion, the worst month of the year. It is cold and dark and cold and dreary and cold and not sunny. But it is also the start of a new year with endless possibilities and spring around the corner.
So I hope that you stay warm and have a great 2021!

Esta Ryder, Broker/Owner
President’s Club
Ryder Realty, LLC

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