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CLUB NEWS: Dalton Garden Club has sweet meeting

Chocolate peanut butter buckeyes
Yield: 45-50 delicious buckeyes
¾ cup peanut butter
1 stick margarine (soften margarine at room
temperature first)
1 tsp. vanilla extract
3 cups powdered sugar
Chocolate for melting
1. Mix altogether. Chill dough.
2. Roll into small balls: place on bare cookie sheet.
3. Melt candy-coating.
4. Use flat toothpick (pointed end stuck into balls) Partially dip into chocolate. Place on waxed paper. Let dry. Touch toothpick hole lightly with table knife to close hole.
Provided by Dee Brown, Quaker City, Ohio

Dee Brown, of Quaker City, makes buckeyes at February’s Dalton Garden Club meeting.

Club secretary

With the Feb. 9 meeting of the Dalton Garden Club being so close to Valentine’s Day, chocolate was the theme, but how to justify chocolate and the garden club? Ohio is known for its buckeye tree, and we enjoy those chocolaty peanut butter delicacies called buckeyes!

Davida Hamsher’s sister, Dee Brown from Quaker City, Ohio, is known in her family as bringing chocolate-peanut butter buckeyes to family Christmases. In fact, she was harassed by family members when one Christmas, she did not bring them!

Brown presented the program for the garden club while a PowerPoint displayed information regarding the Ohio Buckeye Tree. First, the recipe was distributed to each member for the peanut butter dough. Having the dough prepared ahead of time, our buckeye expert demonstrated dipping the walnut-sized ball of dough into the chocolate leaving the top portion of the dough exposed. She emphasized using flat toothpicks as the balls slide off round ones into the chocolate. Being a stickler for that little toothpick hole, she covers it gently with a knife. The members enjoyed taking home samples of the freshly made candy.

Buckeye trees and the buckeyes seeds are very poisonous to cattle and humans. They contain tannic acid. Native Americans used them for medicinal purposes. Crushing the seeds, they used them for cuts and rashes.

Today, some believe that they are effective for rheumatism and arthritis. To be consumed, the nuts need leaching which consists of boiling, peeling and rinsing for a long period of time – not advised.

It is thought that the buckeye inspired Ohio’s symbol when William Henry Harrison was running for United States president in 1840. His buckeye log cabin decorated with strings of buckeyes became part of his campaign slogan. Ohio officially adopted the buckeye as its state symbol in 1950.

A scrambled word puzzle of candy bars was offered as the members arrived. Donna Tomak won a prize for solving the most words, for example: D’Artagnan’s friends (Three Musketeers) while Linda Bartel won a prize for choosing to use a red pen. For the club roll call, a love letter left/right story was read to mix favorite candy bars which each member brought disguised. The candy bar with which each member was left was hers to keep. Interestingly among the 13 in attendance, there were no duplicates. All are considered delicious.

The March meeting was scheduled for the Dragon Fly Tea Room in Canal Fulton to celebrate 80 years since the Dalton Garden Club began.

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