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Heritage Center to showcase local artists’ work

Thane Wolf works with a lathe and his work includes mortar and pestle, bowl and plates.

Janice Geiser paints on a variety of items and some of her work will be on display at the Heritage Center.

The family of the late Rudeen Kratzer, a Kidron artist and Dalton High graduate, donated some of her paintings to the Heritage Center, which will be on display in an upcoming exhibit.

KIDRON  Some hidden local talent may be brought to light thanks to a new art exhibit at the Heritage Center in the heart of Kidron.

Taking note of artwork while visiting and since ultimately moving to the community, Christa Wolf had in the back of her mind a desire to showcase local artisans’ work.

A donation last year of several canvases by the family of the late Rudeen Kratzer was the inspiration Wolf needed to gather more local pieces and put together an exhibit.

The Heritage Center is accepting submissions through April 9 of creative works from Kidron-area artists and artisans for consideration for an upcoming exhibit. Acceptable works include paintings, woodcrafts, photography, pottery, music compositions, frakturs, needlework and sculpting. Artists or their families must contact the Heritage Center first by phone at 330-857-9111 or email to have their work considered.

Read the complete story in the March 17 edition.

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