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Dalton 6th graders always on the ball


Mei Simmons and Kenna Doty are the volleyball and basketball ball girls for Dalton High School’s girls teams. They are serious when they need to be – and have fun at the same time. (PHOTOS BY AMBER DOTY)

Mei Simmons and Kenna Doty are athletes themselves, as well as served as ball girls for the past two years for Dalton High School. (PHOTO BY LISA McGINTY | LMc Photography)

Gazette & News sportswriter

Behind the scenes and courtside, two middle school athletes have helped out their older counterparts the past two years.

They also were able to be a part of Dalton sports history.

Dalton High School’s girls basketball and volleyball teams are known for hard workers, but this designation is not only reserved for athletes on the court.

Kenna Doty and Mei Simmons have served as ball girls for both the girls basketball and volleyball teams.

The two Dalton sixth graders were present at almost every practice and game.

“They are very helpful at practice and games,” said Dalton varsity girls basketball coach Katie Miller. “They will help with drills, fill player water bottles, rebound for our players, etc. Both of the girls are very well-mannered and behaved. They come with a positive attitude and are helpful to not just our team, but the coaching staff, as well.”

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