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Have questions about Dalton’s electric aggregation program? Here is some info:

(This information has been provided by the village of Dalton.)

The Village of Dalton is providing residents with the opportunity to participate in the Village’s Electric Governmental Aggregation Program. The Village has partnered with Sugar Creek Township and the city of Ashland to pool its citizens’ buying power for the purchase of electricity at fixed competitive electric rates for the term of the contract (through October 2023).

Village voters approved electric aggregation in May 2010, so electric aggregation is not a new program.

What is new is the choice of Dynegy as the retail supplier for the program.

By participating in electric aggregation, residents:
* Are billed a fixed electricity price of 4.69 cents per kWh through the October, 2023 meter
* Receive one bill from Ohio Edison, the local utility provider.
* Avoid fees to cancel at any time.
* Continue to receive electricity delivery, emergency electric line maintenance, and emergency response by Ohio Edison.
Village residents who currently participate in the existing aggregation program received a letter from Dynegy outlining the details of the program and providing for an “opt-out” option for those who do not wish to participate in electric aggregation.

Residents who are not currently participating in electric aggregation may or may not have received a letter from Dynegy. Residents who are unsure whether they are currently included in the aggregation program should check a recent Ohio Edison bill. If participating currently, the name “Energy Harbor” will appear on the bill as the retail supplier for the program. Residents currently in electric aggregation are automatically enrolled with Dynegy unless the opt-out portion of the letter is completed and returned to Dynegy by April 8, 2021 (note: these forms should not be mailed to the Village of Dalton).

Residents who are not currently participating in electric aggregation have the opportunity to join the program for the next term by contacting Dynegy at 888-682-2170 by April 8. To enroll, residents will need to provide Dynegy with their 20-digit Ohio Edison customer number, service address, and name the account is billed under. It’s important to note that residents who’ve opted out of the aggregation program under Energy Harbor will not be included in the Dynegy aggregation program unless they contact Dynegy by April 8 to enroll.

Residents with questions can contact Dynegy at the toll-free number or Village Hall during regular business hours.

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