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Dalton Local Schools Feb. 22 meeting report

Dalton Local
Board of Education meeting report

DGKN staff
DALTON  Treasurer Patrick McGinty discussed with school board members last month about a five-year permanent improvement renewal levy that will be due in 2022.

The levy was first approved in 1997 and was last passed in 2017. Voters in the Dalton Local school district may see the levy on the November ballot.

If the board wishes to pursue the renewal, members can decide over two readings of a resolution to pass it. Information would have to be submitted to the Wayne County Board of Elections by an August deadline.

The levy goes toward anything that has a lifespan of five years or more such as a school bus to replace an aging bus every other year.

Also at the Feb. 22 regular Dalton Local Schools Board of Education meeting:
* Two groups of students from the middle school presented about showing kindness to others and promoting a positive climate and culture in the schools by focusing on a growth mindset and offering support to peers and younger students.
* Superintendent Jim Saxer provided an update on the school year. He said COVID-19 cases have been trending down. Staff received the first dose of the vaccine, which went well, and they are to receive the second dose this month.
Saxer noted teachers have been doing a “wonderful job” providing extra support to students. Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine talked about schools developing a plan for summer school remediation for students who are falling behind, and funds are available to provide services, Saxer said. Saxer said the district will put together a list of students and he will brainstorm with his administration team for a plan to help students who need extra help progressing. He said he would like intervention to be in the form of a camp or something fun and a change of pace for students. The goal is to help students get back on track for the following school year.
* The school calendar was approved for the 2022-2023 school year.
* The board made a resolution to show their support by recognizing March as Music in our Schools Month, “Music the Sound of my Heart,” and Youth Art Month, “Art Connects Us.”
* Donations were approved of $75 for the Lift-a-thon from an anonymous donor; $4,470 for a fund in memory of Clair Good who recently passed away and the family will determine how to support the schools through his legacy; $300 for the iCare Program from Mr. and Mrs. Shaun Riggenbach; and $200 for DHS softball camp from the Romich Foundation.
* Supplemental contracts were approved for the 2020-2021 school year to Luke Grau, DMS track and Randy Kaserman, sixth grade outdoor education.
* The board passed a resolution for non-certificated personnel for Leiah Abshear and Quentin Raines, middle school track coaches.
* The following volunteers were approved for the 2020-2021 school year: Nikki Budner and Paige Miller, varsity softball coaches, and Marilyn Rossiter, assistant All School Musical.
* John Pape, aide, was approved as a support staff substitute.
* The board approved a salary revision to Jeff Feller, 150 SH’s to master’s effective for the 2021-2022 school year.
* A contract with Stark State College for College Credit Plus was approved for the 2021-2022 year.

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