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DALTON/KIDRON VIEWSLINE: Business parking lots; kind words for DGKN

(These comments appeared in the Feb. 10, 2021 edition).
Business parking lots should be cleared
(Feb. 2)
I went to the dollar store and almost fell down in the parking lot. They didn’t clear the parking lot after the snow storm and they hardly shoveled. They didn’t have everything I needed so I went to the dollar store in Marshallville and it was just as bad. Then this morning, I spoke with my daughter who lives in Apple Creek and she said it was a mess over there too but the gas station was down to the pavement. Could you please tell their manager that people could get hurt if they don’t shovel and plow. Thank you.
Kind words for The Gazette & News
I just wanted to make a quick comment on the wonderful work you do on the Gazette! Last week’s issue, Feb. 3, was full of local news. It was encouraging to read about a local firefighter and his battle, to hear about local restaurants and some tidbits on their business, local students and their accomplishments from riding 1,000 miles, to 100 career wins in wrestling! Not to mention the regular sports updates, honor roll, and homecoming court. Thanks for lengthening the Gazette and filling it with positivity happening in our community!

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