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COUNTY NEWS: Health department hosts household hazardous waste events May 3 and June 7

WOOSTER  The Wayne County Health Department, in partnership with the Wayne County Commissioners and the Stark-Tuscarawas-Wayne Recycling District will be hosting two household hazardous waste collection events on May 3 and June 7 from noon to 6 p.m.

Residents must make an appointment at or by calling the Wayne County Health Department at 330-264-2426 option 2 to drop off materials.

The collection will take place at the Wayne County Fairgrounds, 199 Vanover St., Wooster. Residents will not be permitted to enter without a confirmed appointment.

Residents will be asked to remain in their vehicles for their safety. Residents will also be required to provide their driver’s license and sign an affidavit certifying that the waste they are dropping off was generated in a household (single or multifamily) and was used for residential purposes.

Hazardous waste cannot be used for commercial or industrial purposes. It cannot be generated in a government facility, medical office, non-profit organization, school, church, or farm as waste from these entities is regulated differently from household waste.

The following waste will be accepted in the event it was generated in a household:
* Aerosols
* Automotive fluids/ car care products (oil, antifreeze, fuel injector fluid, etc.)
* Cleaning supplies and other household chemicals
* Diesel, kerosene, gasoline (Limit 10 gallons per car. Containers will not be returned. All containers must be closed tightly.)
* Fluorescent Bulbs
* All tubes up to 8 ft.
* CFL- all sizes
* Mercury-containing devices (ex. thermometers)
* Oil-Based Paint (No latex paint)
* How to identify oil-based paint – Look on the back and find the cleanup section. Oil-based paint requires paint thinner or mineral spirits. If you have latex paint, it will say to use water and soap for the cleanup, use phrases like “water-based,” and usually be housed in a plastic container. Latex paint can be placed with household trash once solidified (either by allowing it to dry out or by mixing in kitty litter, sawdust, or shredded newspaper).
* Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, fertilizers

For more information about HHW, visit household-hazardous-waste/, or call the Wayne County Health Department at 330-264-2426 option 2.

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