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SPECIAL ELECTION: Sugar Creek Twp. road and bridge levy renewal on May 4 ballot

Polls are open today 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. for the special election in Sugar Creek Township and the Village of Burbank.

Polling locations are open at P. Graham Dunn, Dalton Presbyterian Church and Kidron Community Center.

The Sugar Creek Township Board of Trustees have said the Road and Bridge levy on the ballot is a renewal of an existing levy. The levy has been a main source of funding for the cost of repair and maintenance of the township’s 46 miles of roads and bridges.

The existing levy was first passed in 1985 as a four-year, 2-mill levy and has been renewed eight times. It is currently being collected at a rate of approximately 1.25 mils due to the increase in real estate values.

The township employs one full time and one part time employee to maintain the roadways throughout the township. The township’s road supervisor continually looks for ways to save money while providing the best road surface for residents and visitors, according to the trustees.

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