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U.S. 30 corridor under scrutiny

Local officials had an opportunity to express concerns and ideas about traffic issues along the U.S. 30 corridor in the Sugar Creek Township area at a stakeholders meeting last week hosted by the Ohio Department of Transportation.

Local leaders chimed in to the virtual meeting with comments and questions including Dalton Mayor Dennis Finley, Sugar Creek Township Trustee President Jon Hofstetter, East Wayne Fire District Chairman Blake Nussbaum, Dalton Police Chief Ryan Pearson and Dalton Local Schools Superintendent Jim Saxer as well as other business and community leaders who were invited by ODOT to participate and provide feedback.

ODOT asked the group to focus on four questions: 1. Which intersections have the most local concern? Why? 2. Highest traveled routes for trucks, farm machinery, buggies, and EMS? 3. School travel routes/concerns? 4. What local events should ODOT be aware of that may impact traffic?

ODOT plans to launch the study to concentrate on the U.S. 30 corridor between Kansas Road to West Lebanon Road. This was on a priority list as an area to look at because of multiple traffic crashes and safety concerns.

The area includes 14 U.S. 30 intersections and four major driveways. Many secondary intersections will be counted as part of the study.
From 2015-2019, there were 242 total crashes at the 18 study intersections: two were fatal, 112 involved injuries and 128 were property damage only. The highest number of crashes were 55 at state Route 94, 43 crashes at state Route 57, and 23 at Wenger Road.

Read the complete story in the May 5, 2021 edition.

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