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As the school year winds down, administrators and staff at Dalton Local Schools wish to recognize the hard-working maintenance department. Read about why Craig McGinty, Scott Wellin, Paul Horst, Dave Harder, Suzi Byall, Brian Johnston, Scott Dye and Harry Fichter are nominated this week.

Reasons for nominations

From Superintendent Jim Saxer: Dalton Local is truly blessed to have a Custodial/ Maintenance Staff who is dedicated to ensuring all our facilities are well maintained and clean; ready everyday for students to learn! Thank you to Craig McGinty, Scott Wellin, Paul Horst, Suzi Byall, Brian Johnston, Dave Harder, Harry Fichter, and Scott Dye for ALL they do!!

From Principal Cherie Marthey: Super Stars on Staff does not begin to describe our custodial staff. They are the unsung heroes of everything we do everyday. They work during the quiet hours of the evening, when the rest of us are at home so that we can come into a building that is spotlessly clean and ready for the next day. Mrs. Byall, Mr. Johnston and Mr. Harder have gone above and beyond to make sure the building is germ free and ready to take on everything 5-14 year olds can throw at it. In addition to their normal daily tasks, Mr. Wellin and Mr. McGinty are always quick to jump in and help in any way they can including cleaning up some of the most unpleasant messes. In this year of Covid, our custodial staff have definitely been superstars everyday.

From Principal Chris Black: Dalton High School’s Superstars on Staff must include our entire custodial staff. Our DHS staff of Paul Horst, Scott Dye, Harry Fichter, Scott Wellin and Craig McGinty have always done an amazing job keeping our high school school’s building and grounds in impeccable shape. The entire custodial team has worked tirelessly to make sure all safety protocols were followed and our buildings were clean and safe for our students/staff. Dalton High School would like to thank our incredible Superstar custodians!

From Principal Steve Watkins: Our maintenance staff is phenomenal with their commitment to Dalton Local Schools. Mr. McGinty leads a team that does what is best for our students and staff members each year with a lot of pride in their work. The extra time and work they put in that nobody sees is unmeasurable. They have gone above this year with all of the protocols that have been set in place. They are a big part of why Dalton Local Schools are successful and have a positive atmosphere to be a part of. We owe them a big thank you for what they do for our staff and students each day.

From a staff member: Craig McGinty has really stepped up to help keep our students, staff and building safe. The amount of time put into training, acquiring supplies and their efforts in frequently cleaning the building has been outstanding. McGinty has taken this fight personal and you can see how much he cares for our district.

From a staff member: They work tirelessly. During the snowy weather, they are here at 4 a.m. or earlier working to make sure students and staff are safe. They keep our school beautiful. They put in extra time so that we can continue to meet in person.

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