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Dalton Police Blotter

Reports are obtained by the DGKN staff from Police Chief Ryan Pearson and are available to the public.

DALTON  The village police department had a busy April and beginning of May, which included an arrest at the Dalton Cemetery, and more than 92 traffic stops – some with citations issued for drivers having marijuana and drug paraphernalia, and one where a driver registered as having 0.18 blood alcohol content.

Police responded to calls from neighbors about a woman who was reported as screaming in the Dalton Cemetery around 11 p.m. April 6 at S Church Street. Police discovered she was grieving for a family member. They pulled her over as she began to leave and found a man passed out in the passenger seat. The Wayne County Sheriff’s Department was called as well as East Wayne Fire District. Police detected alcohol, and the woman tried to harm herself. She was taken to a local hospital for mental evaluation. The passenger was awakened and found to have two warrants out of Pennsylvania and he was taken into custody by deputies.

Read more in the May 26 edition of the paper.

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