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From top left down: Blake Nussbaum, Jeanette Shilling and Toni Forrer; top right down: Marion Hochstetler and John Hostetler

From top left down: Jason Byrnes and Duane Shoup; top right down: Jeanne Blosser, Jen Reynolds and Becky Baum

Reason for nomination (from Superintendent Jim Saxer): 

Probably one of the most difficult positions to find qualified candidates for in a school district is Bus Driver.
Dalton Local is very blessed to have some of the best Transportation Specialists in the area.
Throughout this past year our Transportation Department has done everything which has been asked of them. This included transporting breakfasts and lunches to families who could not come to the schools when the schools were closed last year or over the summer.
They also couriered school work back and forth from school to help ensure students stayed up to date on getting their school work.
Over the course of this school year the Transportation Department helped out in our school cafeterias to ensure we had the staffing needed during lunch periods.
Oftentimes, the Bus Driver is the first and last person a student sees each school day. And I could not be more thankful to have our Bus Drivers be that person.
Thank you Jason Byrnes, Jeanne Blosser, Toni Forrer, Dan Gault, Marion Hochstetler, John Hostetler, Mary Nelson, Blake Nussbaum, Diane Pappas, Jen Reynolds, Jeanette Shilling, Becky Baum, and Duane Shoup.

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