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Local 4-H club helps historical society clean up


Members of the Dalton-Kidron Big 4 4-H Club resumed their annual tradition of cleaning up around the Dalton Community Historical Society.

DALTON  Tears sprang to Laurel Strasbaugh’s eyes but they rivaled the big smile on her face as more children, parents and other helpers greeted her in the yard last week surrounding the Dalton Community Historical Society.
For more than a year, the Dalton-Kidron Big 4 4-H Club had been meeting virtually or in several smaller groups and the Strasbaughs welcomed the treat of seeing people in person altogether again. Like everything else, the COVID-19 pandemic forced them to cancel some activities but also inspired the organization to be creative so some events could go on.

Last year, the 4-H Club wasn’t able to continue its annual tradition of sprucing up the yard on the historical society campus. Vickie Menges, president of the society and Dora Lee Huntsberger spent hours upon hours outside the former hotel and tavern to try to match the work that dozens of young hands had always done in the past.

Strasbaugh and her husband, Larry, who are organizational advisers for the group, were happy to have the children and teens in the group weed and mulch the property.

This year’s 4-H Club has 87 members.

Larry Strasbaugh said what is most rewarding for him is to see how 4-H is building leaders and instilling the importance of community service in the children so that they continue that spirit and work after they graduate high school.

Menges stopped in to see all the volunteers at work May 10. An active member of the organization, Maurice Huntsberger, passed away recently. His wife, Dora Lee, is recovering from a health issue. Menges said it touched her heart to hear young relatives of the Huntsbergers say they were filling in for their grandmother this year and trying to give back to the community since she wasn’t able to lend a hand as usual.

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