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Dalton-Kidron Big 4 4-H Club plants at Dalton Cemetery


4-H members Charlie Tenney, Declan and Leo Fish, Gracie Clark, Janie Smith, Sara Geibel and Lillian Ediger


Report by 4-H member Lydia Marthey

Photos by 4-H member Grace Greer

On June 7, Dalton- Kidron Big 4 called its second community meeting to order.  The last meeting was at the Dalton Community Historical Society. 4-H members were at the Dalton Cemetery for the meeting and they were planting geraniums on veterans’ graves.

Club members did both pledges and then attendance — more than 50 people attended. The treasurer and health and safety officer gave reports. Like Dalton Kidron Big 4 always does, they voted with their feet to figure out which T-shirt colors members wanted for this year.  (Drum roll) The color blue won!  The group also decided to donate two bikes to “Bikes for Kids”.

Marie Septer, owner of the Dalton Greenhouse and president of the Dalton Garden Club, talked about how much she appreciated the 4-H club planting geraniums on veterans’ graves.  After her speech, Charlie Tenney gave his demonstration on how to cast a fishing pole. Members proceeded to plant flowers following the presentation. After about 25 to 30 minutes of planting, it began to rain, so members quickly got refreshments and headed out.  Although members only had about 25 minutes before it started raining, they got a lot accomplished.

Lydia Marthey is a member of the Dalton-Kidron Big 4 4-H Club and she submitted this report.

Grace Greer will be a Dalton High School senior next year. She is a member of the 4-H Club and she provided photos. She can be found at 

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