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Dalton Community Historical Society resumes open houses beginning Sunday

DALTON  The Dalton Community Historical Society trustees have decided to resume open houses again beginning this Sunday.

Open houses will run 1-4 p.m., according to a news release from the historical society.

All members and the public are welcome to come spend some time at the museum on these Sundays.  Members will use available time to work on projects during the open house, the news release states.

The trustees have decided to keep the officers and trustees that were elected November 2019 and then election of new officers will be held at the regular November 2021 meeting.  At the present time it was decided that trustees meetings will be held approximately every two weeks and no regular historical society meeting dates would be set for the rest of the year.

There have been many improvements and projects done around the museum and several future projects are planned. Some improvements already done are removal of the bushes around the main museum building and new landscaping done, the Big 4 4-H club came and weeded and mulched for us, the Dalton High School senior class members and town workers helped with the removal of bushes and landscaping.  The fence and light poles are being repainted and the trees have been trimmed.  Some branches are going to be trimmed from over the fire building and the basement door of the Wertz Hotel is going to be weather stripped to prevent water from getting into the building.

On the inside of the buildings the kitchen has had a cupboard added and acquisitions have been recorded and gone through.

The above projects have been possible because of donations of money and time from various people, businesses and organizations in the community. Because of the pandemic, the historical society has had to  cancel fundraisers for the last two years. On that note, President Vickie Menges announced that the calendar for 2022 is being worked on and other fund raisers were discussed.  Trustees were asked to think about fundraisers and possible programs for the upcoming year and bring these ideas to the next meeting.

Brochures on the historical society were shown to the trustees and will be distributed to stores in town.  Anyone wishing to join the historical society is invited to pick up a brochure, which includes a membership application.

As you can see the historians are still very active and if you would like to join us, please do so.  Contact any society member for information about joining the organization or come down to the campus on the first Sunday of the month for our Open Houses.

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