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New signage set for Wenger

Crews will install signs at the Wenger Road crossover in the next couple of weeks to help guide motorists since the median was removed last year.

DALTON  Over the next couple of weeks, Ohio Department of Transportation crews will be erecting signs at Wenger Road, in an effort to help motorists safely navigate the intersection at U.S. 30 following the removal of the median last year, according to an ODOT news release.

The median was removed in June of 2020 as part of a safety improvement project.

The removal restricted through and left-turning traffic at Wenger Road and U.S. 30. The additional signage will show northbound Wenger Road motorists how to get to Wenger Road and U.S. 30 west since the median crossover was removed and will show southbound Wenger Road motorists how to get to Wenger Road and U.S. 30 east.

Maps showing where the signs will be placed, as well as a map showing the traffic movements, can be found on the project webpage.

Dalton Mayor Dennis Finley said last week that the village had another meeting scheduled with ODOT.

“We continue to do what we can to resolve issues at the intersection of 94 and 30 brought about by the increased traffic when the Wenger Road crossover was closed,” Finley wrote in an email. “The intersection at 94 and 30 had issues prior to the closure of Wenger Road. The increased traffic has only magnified those issues. The Village of Dalton has no control over the amount of green light time given to residents on 94.”

At the village’s regular meeting May 17, council passed a resolution on first reading as an emergency measure to make a formal request to the Ohio Department of Transportation to reopen the Wenger Road crossover.

The resolution was adopted with the majority of council voting for the resolution. Councilwoman Dee Rodi-Barbera voting against. Minutes from previous council meetings are available at

Read the complete story in the Aug. 4, 2021 edition.

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  1. Adam on August 6, 2021 at 5:45 pm

    Signs will do nothing. In the few years we lived there with the crossover I’ve never seen an accident there. But seen numerous accidents at other crossings in Dalton.

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