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Dalton/Kidron ViewsLine: Hair salon update; Wenger Road/US. 30; Dalton football video

Call the anonymous ViewsLine at 234-815-0392, or leave a note in the newspaper office dropbox 24/7 by the front door at 28 W Main St., Dalton.

Dalton ghost town except for hair salon
Downtown is looking like a ghost town except for Kara’s place. What a great update. Way to go Kara! Keep downtown Dalton classy!

ODOT will never reopen Wenger Road/U.S. 30
They will never reopen Route 30 and Wenger Road. You’re dreaming if you think the State of Ohio will ever reverse their decision.


School did nice job on football video
Can you tell someone at the school they did a nice job improving on video. The game looked and sounded great. I couldn’t make it last night but it was nice still being able to see it on the computer.

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