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20 years later: Never forget

DGKN Facebook followers share where they were on Sept. 11, 2001 when they heard the tragic news.

Justin Tressell: I was running a robot, welding mower decks at Steiner Turf on Kurzen Rd. Tom Meier was our GM, he was walking past and I could tell something was wrong, he told me the US just got attacked, that fighter jets hit the World Trade Center. Granted, we did not have information at our fingertips like today, so it took a bit to actually learn what was going on. Everyone was in their cars at break time trying to listen to the news….

Alan Hutchison Jr.: 2001 graduate of Dalton High School, I was just starting my first semester at Akron University. Leaving my dorm to head to a class when they all of a sudden cancelled classes and sent us back to our dorms

Adam Shilling: It was freshman year for me. The world just stopped. Everyone was so confused.

Jen Doerfler: I was in Mr Holbert’s history class at DHS (junior year). I remember Mrs Kuhlins running in and telling him to put the tv on. We (the students) didn’t fully grasp what we were witnessing but I watched my teacher watch the news with tears streaming down his face. I will never forget.

Sharon Miller: I think my husband and I were the only Americans who blissfully went about our day, not knowing anything. It was beautiful outside, so I was working in the garden all forenoon, and hubby in his shop. At noon we ate a quick lunch and headed to Runnions Furniture to pick up a recliner we bought. No one called us, or said anything in the store. We needed gas, but saw a long line snaking down the street. What??? Okay, we will wait and get elsewhere. When we finally got home, there was a message from our daughter to call her. “I just need to hear your voice.” Another what??? She told me what happened and I quickly turned on the TV to see repeated replays. Oh, Lord, have mercy on us!

Veronica Menges: Was working at Gazette office when Larry Douglas came to door and told Francis and I. Thought of my “history nut” who was fishing on Lake Erie and probably hadn’t heard the historic news

Dave Polacek: Just got home from a rafting trip was watching television getting ready to go to work the next day at the fire department when that hit watch one of my good friends suit up then travel to New York next time I saw him was on the television during a news broadcast of him walking by while looking for survivors in the rubble

Marita Regier: I was teaching preschool at the Central Christian Learning Center in the old Sonnenberg church basement. Joyce Taylor was director. She told us briefly and had the radio on. It wasn’t until I got home and saw the news that the shock became real.

Jillian Morris: I was in 10th grade sitting in Mrs. Fike’s second period study hall in the Dalton high school cafeteria. I was sitting right in front of the TV above the rolled up wrestling mats when our janitor Larry West came into the cafeteria and said there’s been a plane that hit the world trade center and turned on the TV. For the rest of that day we were glued to TVs and trying to process what this meant for our world.

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